An exploration of art and theory in electromagnetic urban environments

May — October 2022Berlin

Artistic interventions in urban spacesSound performancesConferenceExhibition

Featuring Bureau d’ÉtudesRadio Otherwise (Kate Donovan, Monai de Paula Antunes, Niko de Paula Lefort)KobakantSarah Grant & Danja VasilievNicolas NovaSolarpunksSelena Savic & Gordan SavičićTeresa DillonMario de VegaSusanna HertrichMarta Zapparoli and others

In what ways are urban landscapes, our own bodies and society in general impacted by the invisible electromagnetic waves, frequencies and radiation associated with new communication technologies?

Forests of Antennas, Oceans of Waves is a series of events that delves into the phenomena of electromagnetic waves in urban environments from both an artistic and theoretical perspective.

The starting point of our project is the discourse surrounding the 5th generation mobile network known as 5G. This new global standard in wireless technology is currently being tested and expanded in Berlin, throughout Germany and in other cities worldwide and also discussed in the context of »smart city« technologies and initiatives.

In workshops, interactive walking tours, lectures, sound performances, presentations, installations and discussions, we intend to shed light on the various physical, social, legal, urban, political, biological and ecological implications of »Hertzian Space«.



27 May

Radio Otherwise • Radio Otherwise / circling thresholds

Alex Player Wavesurfer

Live Stream of transmission from the Unkraut Boat 17:00–21:13 here and on

(Until 17:00 you can hear a transmission of Wave Farm / Pond Station, a sonic platform for monitoring the hidden activity of a freshwater pond)

The live performance starting at 21:13 will not be streamed – join us for the performance at Stralauer Spitze!

INTERVENTION 27 May • 17:00 & 21:13 • Stralauer Spitze

25 June

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