An Exploration of Art and Theory in Electromagnetic Urban Environments

May — October 2022Berlin

Forests of Antennas, Oceans of Waves was a series of events running from May to October 2022, including artistic interventions in urban space, sound performances, a conference and an exhibition. The aim of the series was to engage both artistically and theoretically with phenomena of electromagnetic waves in urban environments. In participatory formats such as workshops, interactive walks, artistic lectures, sound performances, installative presentations as well as a discourse programme, the various physical, social, legal, (urban) political, biological and ecological aspects of the »Hertzian« space were examined.

Starting point for the series of events and discussions was the new mobile phone generation »5G«. It is currently being tested and expanded in Berlin and other German and international cities, and is also being discussed in the context of »smart city« technologies and initiatives. The series of events therefore focused on the question: How do imperceptible radiation, frequencies and waves of new communication technologies change urban space, our bodies and our society?


Participating artists Bureau d’ÉtudesRadio Otherwise (Kate Donovan, Monai de Paula Antunes, Niko de Paula Lefort)KobakantSarah Grant & Danja VasilievNicolas NovaSelena Savic & Gordan SavičićTeresa DillonMario de VegaMarta ZapparoliMartin HowseSusanna HertrichJonathon Keats