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The selection of literature, artworks and other sources gathered here does not claim to be complete. The research comes from a variety of fields and disciplines. We have collected texts on the topics of infrastructure, smart city, wireless communication, media-aesthetic interventions, and the invisibility of wireless networks in English and German.



Literature (selection)


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Artworks and films (selection)


Forest of Antennas, Oceans of Waves, QR Code Reader
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Afroditti Psarra, Embodied RF Ecologies

Akitoshi Honda, Bipolar, 2012

Clara Boj, Diego Diaz, Observatory, 2008

Semiconductor, Magnetic Movie, 2007

Erich Berger, TEMPEST, 2004

Usman Haque, Bengt Sjölen, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Panoramic Wifi Camera, 2006

Joyce Hinterding, Simple Forces

Anthony deVincenzi, Invisible Forces

Joana Moll, The Hidden Life of an Amazon User, 2019


Mario Santamarina, Cloudplexity, 2019

Gauthier Roussilhe, Ethics for Design

Timo Arnall, Making Visible, 2014

Richard Vijgen, Architecture of Radio, 2016

Julian Oliver, Pink Cell Tower, 2021


Superflux, The Future Starts Here, 2018

James Bridle, New Ways of Seeing, 2019


Robert Voit, New Trees

Matthew Biederman, Office of Spectral Ecology, 2008–ongoing

Shintaro Miyazaki, Detektors, 2018

Werner Herzog, Wovon träumt das Internet, 2016

Bregtje van der Haak, Ubiquity, 2018

Luis Hernan: Digital Ethereal, Seeing »Hertzian Space«, 2016

Nickolay Lamm, What Wi-Fi Looks Like, 2013


Networks, maps, Smart City Berlin


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Bundesnetzagentur: Funklochkarte

cmdr2: Find Space X Starklink

Reporterre: La carte des sabotages des antennes 5G

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Netzwerk Smart City Berlin: Smart City Berlin

Richard Vijgen: White Spots App

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